Computer Science I (Java) CSCI 160

An introduction to computer science including problem-solving, algorithm development and structured programming in a high-level language. Emphasis on design, coding, testing and documentation of programs using accepted standards of style.

Correlated Learning Outcomes

  • IT. 4. Identify a variety of assistive or adaptive technologies and universal design considerations.
  • IT. 8. Summarize strategies to support or train users with their IT resources.
  • IT. 18. Differentiate among a variety of technology-based sensory interactions.
  • IT. 20. Illustrate the activities of a digital media design process.
  • IT. 21. Implement communication principles into digital media design.
  • IT. 28. Demonstrate best practices for designing end-user computing interfaces.
  • IT. 29. Demonstrate the techniques of defensive programming and secure coding.
  • IT. 30. Diagram the phases of the Secure Software Development Lifecycle.
  • IT. 31. Discuss software development methodologies.
  • IT. 32. Summarize the differences among various programming languages.
  • IT. 34. Use a programming or a scripting language to solve a problem.
  • IT. 36. Discuss data governance and its implications for users as well as IT professionals.
  • IT. 44. Produce technical documentation responsive to an identified computing scenario