Information Technology Internship CIS 297

This provides the student with the opportunity to experience the world of work in conjunction with their program of study. Each semester hour of credit is equivalent to forty-five (45) contact hours. Prerequisite: Students through adviser approval will only be allowed to complete internship within the last two semesters of the degree plan.

Correlated Learning Outcomes

  • IT. 1. Carry out trouble-shooting strategies for resolving an identified end-user IT problem.
  • IT. 2. Differentiate among various operating systems.
  • IT. 5. Identify basic components of an end-user IT system.
  • IT. 6. Implement a hardware and software configuration responsive to an identified scenario.
  • IT. 7. Summarize life-cycle strategies for replacement, reuse, recycling IT technology and resources.
  • IT. 13. Discuss applications of data analytics.
  • IT. 17. Use data analytics to support decision making for a given scenario.
  • IT. 22. Carry out basic computer network troubleshooting techniques.
  • IT. 26. Differentiate among various techniques for making a computer network secure.
  • IT. 36. Discuss data governance and its implications for users as well as IT professionals.
  • IT. 38. Implement an application of virtualization.
  • IT. 42. Use communication, negotiation, and collaboration skills as a member of a diverse team.
  • IT. 43. Describe the attitudes, knowledge and abilities associated with quality customer service.
  • IT. 44. Produce technical documentation responsive to an identified computing scenario
  • IT. 45. Use documentation or a knowledge base to resolve a technical challenge in an identified computing scenario.
  • IT. 46. Discuss significant trends and emerging technologies and their impact on global society.
  • IT. 47. Demonstrate professional behavior in response to an ethically-challenging scenario in computing.
  • IT. 48. Summarize the tenets of ethics and professional behavior promoted by international computing societies.
  • IT. 49. Describe IT procurement processes for goods and services.
  • IT. 50. Summarize the role of IT in supporting the mission and goals of an organization.