Creating Web Pages CIS 181

Students create web sites using a current version of a graphical user interface (GUI) web authoring tool.

Correlated Learning Outcomes

  • IT. 4. Identify a variety of assistive or adaptive technologies and universal design considerations.
  • IT. 8. Summarize strategies to support or train users with their IT resources.
  • IT. 10. Describe the data management activities associated with the data lifecycle.
  • IT. 18. Differentiate among a variety of technology-based sensory interactions.
  • IT. 19. Differentiate among data types, data transfer protocols and file characteristics specific to the targeted use.
  • IT. 20. Illustrate the activities of a digital media design process.
  • IT. 21. Implement communication principles into digital media design.
  • IT. 28. Demonstrate best practices for designing end-user computing interfaces.
  • IT. 43. Describe the attitudes, knowledge and abilities associated with quality customer service.
  • IT. 45. Use documentation or a knowledge base to resolve a technical challenge in an identified computing scenario.