Website Development ITS 227

ITS 227 introduces the student to the Internet and its effects on modern society. Students will review its history, concepts, and terminology. Hands-on activities will include how to connect to and navigate the Internet, create World Wide Web pages, and develop World Wide Web sites. A variety of Internet resources will be demonstrated and subsequently explored by students.

Correlated Learning Outcomes

  • IT. 19. Differentiate among data types, data transfer protocols and file characteristics specific to the targeted use.
  • IT. 28. Demonstrate best practices for designing end-user computing interfaces.
  • IT. 33. Use a programming or a scripting language to share data across an integrated IT system.
  • IT. 34. Use a programming or a scripting language to solve a problem.
  • IT. 42. Use communication, negotiation, and collaboration skills as a member of a diverse team.
  • IT. 44. Produce technical documentation responsive to an identified computing scenario
  • IT. 45. Use documentation or a knowledge base to resolve a technical challenge in an identified computing scenario.
  • IT. 46. Discuss significant trends and emerging technologies and their impact on global society.
  • IT. 47. Demonstrate professional behavior in response to an ethically-challenging scenario in computing.
  • IT. 48. Summarize the tenets of ethics and professional behavior promoted by international computing societies.
  • IT. 49. Describe IT procurement processes for goods and services.