Small Business Networking ITS 124

ITS 124 provides students with an overview of essential networking concepts, terminology and skills. The course gives students a fundamental understanding of the technological, business and legal issues related to a networked organization. The course also introduces the student to security concepts such as cryptography, digital signatures, key management and authentication. Some students may opt to take the CompTIA Network+ exam upon the completion of ITS 124 because much of the CompTIA Network+ exam material is covered in class.

Correlated Learning Outcomes

  • IT. 1. Carry out trouble-shooting strategies for resolving an identified end-user IT problem.
  • IT. 3. Explain the process of authentication and authorization between end-user devices and computing network resources.
  • IT. 22. Carry out basic computer network troubleshooting techniques.
  • IT. 23. Describe the layers, protocols and components of the OSI model.
  • IT. 24. Diagram the components of an integrated IT system.
  • IT. 25. Differentiate among various computer networking models.
  • IT. 26. Differentiate among various techniques for making a computer network secure.
  • IT. 27. Summarize the flow of data through a computer network scenario.