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How do the courses in a degree or certificate at your college correlate with the competencies in the Cybersecurity Curricular Guidance for Associate-Degree Programs (Cyber2yr2020)? Map your college's Cybersecurity program to Cyber2yr2020 and submit it as a Program Example for inclusion on our website!

For an overview of Cyber2yr2020, watch the National CyberWatch Webcast on Cyber2yr2020 (recorded May 28, 2020).

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Latest News

Retention in 2017-18 Higher Education Computing Programs in the United States PDF
Rodrigo Duran, Elizabeth K. Hawthorne, Mihaela Sabin, Cara Tang, Mark Allen Weiss, Stuart H. Zweben
Tracking CS Graduates and Non-Retained Students to the Following Year’s Academic Programs PDF
Cara Tang, Cindy S. Tucker, Mark Allen Weiss, Stuart H. Zweben
ACM-NDC Study 2020-2021 PDF
Stuart H. Zweben, Jodi L. Tims, Cindy Tucker, Yan Timanovwky

Recent Presentations

Lightning Talk: Computing Verbs to Enhance Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy PDF
Presented by Cara Tang, Markus Geissler, Christian Servin, Cindy Tucker at SIGCSE 2022
Poster: Enhanced Verbs for Bloom’s Taxonomy with Focus on Computing and Technical Areas PDF
Presented by Christian Servin, Cara Tang, Markus Geissler, Melissa Stange, Cindy Tucker at SIGCSE 2021, Virtual
Adapting the IT2017 Curricula for Two-Year IT Transfer Programs PDF
Presented by Markus Geissler, Svetlana Peltsverger, Tim Preuss, Cara Tang at SIGITE 2019, Tacoma, WA

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This website contains an interactive repository of curricular guidance and assessment for associate-degree and transfer programs in the Computing disciplines. The ACM Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges (CCECC), whose global mission is to serve and support community and technical college educators in all aspects of computing education, maintains the repository and related content.

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