ACM CCECC Curriculum Guidelines to be Released

The ACM Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges (CCECC) has been leading two parallel efforts to develop curriculum guidelines in Cybersecurity (Cyber2yr) and Information Technology (IT-Transfer). Both of these projects have gone through rounds of public review and comment on draft versions, and are in the process of being finalized.

Watch this space for the upcoming release in early 2020 of the final versions of each of these curriculum guidelines.

Cyber2yr2020 - Cybersecurity Curricular Guidance for Associate-Degree Programs
IT-Transfer2019 - Information Technology Transfer Curricula 2019: Curriculum Guidelines for Two-Year Transfer Programs in Information Technology

Curriculum Guidelines

Check out all of the ACM CCECC curriculum guidelines for associate degree programs.

Curriculum Guidelines

Recent Presentations

Adapting the IT2017 Curricula for Two-Year IT Transfer Programs PDF
Presented by Markus Geissler, Svetlana Peltsverger, Tim Preuss, Cara Tang at SIGITE 2019, Tacoma, WA
ACM Curricular Guidance for 2-year Cybersecurity Programs - CSEC2Y StrawDog Draft PDF
Presented by ACM CCECC at SIGCSE 2019, Minneapolis, MN
Computer Science Curricular Guidance for Associate-Degree Transfer Programs PDF
Presented by Cara Tang at SIGCSE 2018, Baltimore, MD

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