ACM CCECC Curriculum Guidelines

The ACM Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges (CCECC) publishes curriculum guidelines for associate degree programs in computing disciplines. Focused on learning outcomes, the guidelines include assessment metrics as well, and can be used in program review, program updates, building new programs, etc.

CSTransfer2017 - Computer Science Curricular Guidance for Associate-Degree Transfer Programs with Infused Cybersecurity

IT guidelines - Information Technology Competency Model of Core Learning Outcomes and Assessment for Associate-Degree Curriculum

Under development is CSEC2Y, curricular guidelines for two-year cybersecurity programs, based on ACM's CSEC2017. The first draft for public review and comment, StrawDog, is expected to be ready in February 2019, and we are looking for reviewers! If interested, or simply to be informed when the draft is out, sign up at right.

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This is an interactive repository of curricular guidance and assessment for associate-degree programs in computing.

Maintained by the ACM CCECC, whose global mission is to serve and support community and technical college educators in all aspects of computing education.

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