Program Examples

These examples of degree and certificate programs that align with ACM curricular guidance demonstrate the adaptability of this competency-based curriculum. Each program example correlates the courses in a degree or certificate at a given school with the competencies or learning outcomes that are part of ACM curricular guidance for a computing discipline.

The ACM CCECC welcomes submission of program examples. We are currently accepting examples for the following guidelines:

  • Cyber2yr2020
  • CSTransfer2017
  • IT2yr2014


Use the following spreadsheet template to complete your Cyber2yr2020 program example. Email the completed spreadsheet to acm.ccecc [at] with subject "Cyber2yr2020 Program Example" to submit your program example.

Cyber2yr2020 Program Example Spreadsheet Template


The following spreadsheet will help you prepare your CSTransfer2017 program example offline. The program example can then be easily entered into the online form for submission:

CSTransfer2017 Program Example Spreadsheet Aid