Network+ and Networking Essentials ITON1205

This course provides an introduction to local area networking concepts including current networking technology for LANs and WANs (Local and Wide Area Networks), and the Internet. It also helps students prepare for CompTIA's Network+ certification.

Correlated Learning Outcomes

  • NC-02 Describe the layered structure of a typical networked architecture, including routing and switching. [Understanding]
  • NC-03 Diagram the layers of the OSI model, including associated protocols. [Applying]
  • NC-05 Implement a simple distributed network application. [Applying]
  • NC-06 Describe security concerns in designing applications for use over wireless networks. [Understanding]
  • NC-08 Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using virtualized infrastructure in cloud computing. [Understanding] See also PD-05
  • SP-07 Examine various ethics scenarios in computing. [Analyzing]
  • SP-09 Compare professional codes of conduct from the ACM, IEEE Computer Society, and other organizations. [Analyzing]
  • SP-16 Use effective oral, written, electronic, and visual communication techniques with stakeholders. [Applying]
  • SP-17 Interpret the impact of both verbal and nonverbal cues during communication among team members. [Understanding]
  • SP-18 Develop technical artifacts. [Creating]