Bloom's for Computing

Bloom's for Computing offers enhanced verb lists for crafting learning outcomes and competencies for computing disciplines.

Read the full report:

Download the handy one-page verb table and use it as you create or update program, course, or module learning outcomes and competencies:

The target audience for this report is anyone who drafts competencies or learning outcomes for computing disciplines - whether programs, courses, individual modules, or curriculum guideline reports; whether two-year, four-year, graduate, or K-12 level; whether educators, instructional designers, or program coordinators.


The following organizations endorse this report:

  • ACM Education Board
  • ACM CCECC (Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges)

If you would like to add your organization to the list, please contact acm.ccecc AT

Contribute to making Bloom's for Computing globally available!

The ACM CCECC is working to make Bloom's for Computing globally available by asking subject matter experts to translate Bloom's for Computing into different world languages. If you would like to contribute to this project by translating the Bloom's for Computing verbs into a language that you know, download the Bloom's for Computing - Submit a Translation spreadsheet file, add the corresponding verb translations to the spreadsheet, and submit to the ACM CCECC as an attachment to the email address specified in the spreadsheet. We will be happy to recognize your contribution on our website. Thank you for your consideration!