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ACT - 2010 ACT College Readiness Report News Release

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Baccalaureate Community Colleges Help Fill Unmet Needs

Boulard, G.
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Bloom, B. S. - Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, Handbook I: The Cognitive Domain
David McKay Co Inc. 1956

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College Board - AP Computer Science A Course Description

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DePaul Teaching Commons - What are Rubrics?

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Digital Media Literacies: Rethinking Media Education in the Age of the Internet

Buckingham, David
Research in Comparative and International Education

Dillon, S. - Wi-Fi Turns Rowdy Bus Into Rolling Study Hall

New York Times 2010

Dover, M.; Papadopoulos, M.; Kibis, K
The Net Generation: Key Findings from the Qualitative Study My Internet Life.
New Paradigm Learning Corporation 2007

Dr. Java - About DrJava

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DRI International - Professional Practices for Business Continuity Practitioners

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Dror, M. - Cyber Or-21 The Eight Net Gen Norms

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EMC Corporation - Managing Information Storage: Trends, Challenges & Options

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eSchool News - Princeton Students, Profs Give Kindle Mixed Grades

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Fast Company - The War for Talent

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Frayer, D. A. - Creating a Campus Culture to Support a Teaching and Learning Revolution


Geraci, J.; Peat, B.; Rodos, S
Meet the Net Generation
New Paradigm Learning Corporation 2006

Gonzalez, J. - Connecting With Part-Timers Is Key Challenge for Community Colleges, Survey Finds

Chronicle of Higher Education 2009

Gorski, E. - Community Colleges Like Spotlight, Need Money

MSNBC 2010

Hannafin, M. J.; Kim, Minchi C.; Kim, Hyeonjin - Reconciling Research, Theory and Practice in Web-based Teaching and Learning: The Case for Grounded Design

Journal of Computing in Higher Education 2004

Hillburn T.; Ardis, M.; Johnson G.; Kornecki, A.; Mead, N. - Software Assurance Competency Model

Hillburn T.; Ardis, M.; Johnson G.; Kornecki, A.; Mead, N. 2013

Hoover, E. - Need That Class, Desperately? The Course Concierge Will See You Now

Chronicle of Higher Education 2010

Hutchinson, D. - Teaching Practices for Effective Cooperative Learning in an Online Learning Environment (OLE)

Journal of Information Systems Education 2007

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Investing in Education: The American Graduation Initiative

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Whitehouse Blog 2011

ISACA - Information Assurance, Certification and Documentation

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)

ISTE - The National Educational Standards for Students

International Society for Technology in Education

Jacobson, J. - High-School Curricula Do Not Prepare Students For College, Report Says

Chronicle of Higher Education 2004

King, Julia - CIOs Complain College Grads Aren't Ready for IT Work

ComputerWorld 2009

Klee, K.; Austing, R., Impagliazzo; J., Currie Little, J.; Chlopan, H.
Computing Curricula Guidelines for Associate Degree Programs
ACM 1993

Klee, K.; Austing, R.; Campbell, R., Cover; C. F.; Currie Little, J.
Guidelines for Associate-Degree Programs to Support Computing in a Networked Environment
ACM 2000

Kuh, G. D.
Knowing What Students Know and Can Do: The Current State of Student Learning Outcomes in US Colleges and Universities
National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) 2014

Laster, J. - North Carolina State U. Gives Students Free Access to Physics Textbook Online

Chronicle of Higher Education 2010

Lewin, T. - Many Going to College Are Not Ready, Report Says

New York Times 2005

Lighting the Path From Community College to Computing Careers

A report by the ACM Education Policy Committee analyzes various initiatives being implemented throughout the US that aim to increase the pipeline of students pursuing computing degrees; identify programs that have had the most success; and describe aspects of these programs that could be emulated elsewhere.

McGee, Patricia; Diaz, Veronica - Wikis, Podcast and Blogs! Oh My! What Is a Faculty Member Supposed to Do?

EDUCAUSE Review 2007

McJunkin, K.
Globalization American Community College
Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 329-334. doi:10.1080/10668920590927259 2009

McLester, S. - Velcro to the Campus

Campus Technology 2010

MIT - Download Scratch

Massachusettes Institute of Technology 2009

Murphy, C. - Global CIO: Glimmers Of Growth In Outlook 2010 Research


NASDCTEc - CTE Learning that works for America

The National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium

Nash, Kim S. - Booster Shot

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Nelson, L. - More Students and Not Enough Space: Rural Community Colleges Discuss Challenges

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Ohio College Tech Prep - Welcome to Ohio College Tech Prep!

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Ohio University System - Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE)

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Osterman, Mark - Digital Literacy: Definition, Theoretical Framework, and Competencies

Florida International University: The 11th Annual College of Education and Graduate Student Network Research Conference

Overland, M. A. - State of Washington to Offer Online Materials as Texts: Money-saving Effort at Two-year Colleges Faces Vexing Problems

Chronicle of Higher Education 2011

Panasonic - A Challenge to Education

Panasonic via YouTube

Parry, M. - Community Colleges Explore National Collaboration to Fight For-Profit Marketing Machine

Chronicle of Higher Education 2010

Parry, M. - New Carnegie Mellon U. Project Will Build Online Community-College Courses

Chronicle of Higher Education 2009

Parry, M. - Students’ Push for Open Education Meets Faculty Ambivalence

Chronicle of Higher Education 2010

PCAST - Engage to Excel: Producing One Million Additional College Graduates with Degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

President's Council of Advisers on Science & Technology 2012

Personal, Political and Pedagogical: Female Faculty and Values-Based Learning Design
Campbell, K.
Radical Pedagogy 2003

Pew Internet - Future of the Internet IV

Pew Internet 2010

Qaissaunee, M. - Embracing Cellphones as Learning Tools

q-ontech.blogspot 2010

Qaissaunee, M. - Is Academic Credit Worth the Money?

q-ontech.blogspot 2010

Qaissaunee, M. - Leveraging the Web to Make You Smarter

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Qaissaunee, M. - The Distributed University

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Rao, L. - Sciencefeed Launches Friendfeed-Like Platform For Scientists

TechCrunch 2010

Rosenwald, M. S. - Obsessed with Smartphones, Oblivious to the Here and Now

Washington Post 2010

Software Engineering Institute: Software Assurance Curriculum Project: Volume IV: Community College Education
Tapscott, D. - Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World

Grown Up Digital 2009

TFPL Knowledge and Information Management Competency Dictionary


The Wire - Blockbuster Collapses: Shutting Down 500 Stores In Desperate Bid To Save $200 Million

Business Insider 2010

Thomas, J. - The State of the Internet

Thomas, J. via Vimeo - The State of the Internet