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Submitted: 2014-09-10


The Application Development (AD) BAS degree currently accepts students with an AA or AAS degree in any field. Although, having an AAS degree in an IT related field will best help you prepare for the two-year track of upper division AD courses. North Seattle College currently offers one IT AAS degree that feeds directly into the AD, BAS. This IT AAS is called “Programming & IT Network Support AAS-T” and is held within our IT department. Currently, North Seattle College also has AAS-T degrees within computer science, which are composed of similar pre-requisite courses required by the AD, BAS degree. Seattle Central College, within the district offers an Information Technology “Programming” certificate and AAS, which is also a direct feeder into the AD, BAS degree. All three campuses within the Seattle College district offer AAS-T degrees within computer science & IT, which encompass the core courses needed in order to apply for the Application Development, BAS.

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