CIT Capstone CIT 291

Apply acquired techniques, knowledge, and skills to successfully analyze, design, and plan a CIT project. Develop key project management and system analysis deliverables in a portfolio.

Correlated Learning Outcomes

  • IT. 5. Identify basic components of an end-user IT system.
  • IT. 7. Summarize life-cycle strategies for replacement, reuse, recycling IT technology and resources.
  • IT. 30. Diagram the phases of the Secure Software Development Lifecycle.
  • IT. 31. Discuss software development methodologies.
  • IT. 42. Use communication, negotiation, and collaboration skills as a member of a diverse team.
  • IT. 43. Describe the attitudes, knowledge and abilities associated with quality customer service.
  • IT. 44. Produce technical documentation responsive to an identified computing scenario
  • IT. 49. Describe IT procurement processes for goods and services.
  • IT. 47. Demonstrate professional behavior in response to an ethically-challenging scenario in computing.
  • IT. 48. Summarize the tenets of ethics and professional behavior promoted by international computing societies.