Introduction to Networking Concepts CIT 160

Introduces technical level concepts of non-vendor specific networking including technologies, media, topologies, devices, management tools, and security. Provides the basics of how to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate, and configure basic network infrastructure.

Correlated Learning Outcomes

  • IT. 1. Carry out trouble-shooting strategies for resolving an identified end-user IT problem.
  • IT. 19. Differentiate among data types, data transfer protocols and file characteristics specific to the targeted use.
  • IT. 22. Carry out basic computer network troubleshooting techniques.
  • IT. 23. Describe the layers, protocols and components of the OSI model.
  • IT. 24. Diagram the components of an integrated IT system.
  • IT. 25. Differentiate among various computer networking models.
  • IT. 26. Differentiate among various techniques for making a computer network secure.
  • IT. 27. Summarize the flow of data through a computer network scenario.