Java I Programming CIT 149

Introduces students to fundamental programming concepts using the Java programming language. Topics include data types, control structures, simple data structures, error-handling, object-oriented programming, graphical user interfaces, and modular programming.

Correlated Learning Outcomes

  • IT. 12. Differentiate between public and private data.
  • IT. 13. Discuss applications of data analytics.
  • IT. 17. Use data analytics to support decision making for a given scenario.
  • IT. 19. Differentiate among data types, data transfer protocols and file characteristics specific to the targeted use.
  • IT. 28. Demonstrate best practices for designing end-user computing interfaces.
  • IT. 29. Demonstrate the techniques of defensive programming and secure coding.
  • IT. 30. Diagram the phases of the Secure Software Development Lifecycle.
  • IT. 31. Discuss software development methodologies.
  • IT. 34. Use a programming or a scripting language to solve a problem.
  • IT. 44. Produce technical documentation responsive to an identified computing scenario
  • IT. 45. Use documentation or a knowledge base to resolve a technical challenge in an identified computing scenario.