Introduction to Computers CIT 105

Provides an introduction to the computer and the convergence of technology as used in today’s global environment. Introduces topics including computer hardware and software, file management, the Internet, e-mail, the social web, green computing, security and computer ethics. Presents basic use of application, programming, systems, and utility software.

Correlated Learning Outcomes

  • IT. 4. Identify a variety of assistive or adaptive technologies and universal design considerations.
  • IT. 5. Identify basic components of an end-user IT system.
  • IT. 7. Summarize life-cycle strategies for replacement, reuse, recycling IT technology and resources.
  • IT. 18. Differentiate among a variety of technology-based sensory interactions.
  • IT. 24. Diagram the components of an integrated IT system.
  • IT. 31. Discuss software development methodologies.
  • IT. 40. Summarize the implications of various cloud computing models.
  • IT. 46. Discuss significant trends and emerging technologies and their impact on global society.
  • IT. 47. Demonstrate professional behavior in response to an ethically-challenging scenario in computing.