Christian Servin , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Information Technology Division, El Paso Community College



Christian Servin received a Bachelor of Science (2005), Master of Science in Computer Science (2008), Professional Master of Science in Computational Science (2012), and a Doctor of Philosophy (2013) in Computational Science from The University of Texas at El Paso. The title of his dissertation is: Propagation of Interval and Probabilistic Uncertainty in Cyberinfrastructure-Related Data Processing and Data Fusion.

Since 2016, he serves as an active member for the ACM Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges (CCECC) developing and updating cybersecurity-infused content to the ACM Associate-Degree Curricular Guidance in Computer Science that serves for nation wide. In addition, he serves as a CS-Cyber Task Force Team Leader for the Community College Curriculum Development for Computer Science and Cyber-security